Sunday, September 21, 2008

The 230 Movies I Plan To See From Now To December, With Trailers! (Part II)

Max Payne: October 17th
I never really got into the games (since I don't have a Playstation because they're evil) but Mark Wahlberg needs a hit after The Happening and I feel like this could be it. Plus the angel of death stuff looks pretty sweet.

Sex Drive: October 17th
No, really, this looks good, and James Marsden is dreamy, so win-win.

W.: October 17th
There's really nothing I can say other than it has a great cast and a visionary batshit insane director.

What Just Happened?: October 17th
Interesting cast, weird plot. We'll see.

Saw V: October 24th
Never saw Saw IV, but at this point I'm pretty sure story doesn't matter.

Changeling: October 24th
More on this later.

I've Loved You So Long: October 24th
The buzz on this has been pretty good, definitely worth checking out.

Passengers: October 24th
Anne Hathaway.

Pride And Glory: October 24th
A film being in the can for two years before release is never a good sign, but something with Edward Norton and Colin Farrell can't be that bad.

Synecdoche, New York: October 24th
More on this later.

Zack And Miri Make A Porno: October 31st
More on this later.

Repo! The Genetic Opera: November 7th
Watch this trailer then tell me you're not seeing this.

Quantum of Solace: November 7th
They may be great at choosing Bond girls, but they are terrible with titles. I expect a good half hour of the movie to be devoted to explaining it.

Nobel Son: November 14th
Alan Rickman.

Nothing Like The Holidays: November 14th
Because everyone needs a little sappy Christmas family dramadey.

The Road: November 14th
More on this later.

Role Models: November 14th
More on this later.

Soul Men: November 14th
The last performances of Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes. Plus Samuel L. Jackson.

The Soloist: November 21st
Jamie Foxx is overrated. Robert Downey Jr. is underrated.

Austrailia: November 26th
More on this later.

Four Christmases: November 26th
Why the fuck not.

Milk: November 26th
More on this later.

Transporter 3: November 26th
More on this later.