Saturday, August 15, 2009

Favorite Moments in Film

To quote a wise man's words, as spoken by Seth Rogen, "Every movie with Jews, we’re the ones getting killed. 'Munich' flips it on its ear. We’re capping motherfuckers.”

Munich is heartbreaking. And violent as fuck. Schindler's List was Spielberg being sad and mournful, but Munich is his revenge flick. It's a hell of an emotional and breathtaking ride, and it's sad that this film is so often overlooked when comparing The Beards works, especially with Eric Bana's outstanding performance. This film is perfectly crafted on every level, from the pacing to the editing to the acting. Each assassination and bombing sequence has it's own texture, while at the same time showing the toll they take on those who bear the burden of performing them. The opening gives a look at what might have transpired that one night in September when the terrorists took the Israeli athletes hostage, and I warn you, it is not easy to watch.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Favorite Moments in Film

There's a lot of great moments from the three Indiana Jones films (yeah, that's right, THREE). The opening to The Last Crusade is just plain awesome. It gives us the origin story for Indy (the hat!, the whip!), has River freaking Phoenix, and is overall a fantastic action sequence. Did anyone in Spielberg's camp watch this before the last piece of crap they put out? Anyone?

And you gotta love the Hitler gag:

And I couldn't find the original clip, but lego birds are just as good, if not better: